Semaglutide/Cynocobalamin (vitamin B12)

Pricing with Consultation

Semaglutide (generic for Wegovy) is a drug used for type-2 Diabetic, however, it has weight loss properties. At Q-Infusion we believe in preventative health by decreasing insulin resistance. Semaglutide improves metabolism, and weight loss and reduces the inflammatory cascade caused by insulin resistance and obesity.

Cyanocobalamin, also known as Vitamin B12, promotes weight loss through improved cellular and glucose metabolism. The combination of Semaglutide-cyanocobalamin is a groundbreaking method for weight loss, energy, sleep cycle regulation, decrease inflammation, and a better client experience.

Semaglutide/Cyanocobalamin Injection is a once-a-week dose that works by simulating hormones that target areas of the brain involved in controlling appetite and food intake. This can curve appetite by making you eat less, leading to weight loss. It is advisable to inject the same day of the week, any time of the day, with or without food. As per recommendation, an excellent period for dosing is a point where there is an appetite reduction and no nausea.

It is highly recommended to get started on a lifestyle modification involving diet and exercise for more effective results.

Some of the Benefits

  • Weight Loss
  • Improve blood sugar
  • May improve blood pressure
  • May improve cholesterol

The most common side effect that has been associated with Semaglutide/Cyanocobalamin injection weight loss regimen is nausea.

How to limit Nausea symptoms can include:

  • Eat a bland diet
  • Eat liquid foods like soup and gelatin
  • Crackers
  • A small portion of Rice
  • Toast of bread

The medication follows a titration regimen. All the clients must start with the Month 1 dose with weekly subcutaneous injections for four weeks. After month 1, the dosage per injection gradually increases in months 2, 3, and 4. A maintenance dose can be ongoing for a period of 8 months depending on the client’s weight loss goals.

A minimum BMI of 27 or greater is required to order this medication regimen.

Warning: Semaglutide is not recommended for these individuals who are taking other diabetic medications as it may cause a significant drop in blood sugar levels. If sensitive to medication, it is highly recommended to start at a low dose or half-dose. It is not recommended during pregnancy or intends to get pregnant. At the start of the program, it is advisable to have a source of sugar (candy bar, juice, or fruit) handy in case of a blood sugar level drops. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: lightheadedness, jitteriness, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and headaches.