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This is a mixture that is great for women and men as well, as it gets you ready for a red-carpet event. Whether it is to make you look fabulous for a night’s event or a routine wellness infusion to get your hair, nails, and radiating skin healthy and strong. Stop aging by pampering yourself. Q-Infusion Beauty mixture has two key ingredients Biotin and Glutathione which adequately provide the beauty needed. Call or go online and book an appointment with the Quality Infusion and Wellness Clinic today.


    • Magnesium Chloride
    • Vitamin B-12
    • Vitamin B-Complex
    • Vitamin C
    • Biotin
    • Glutathione

*Add-ons available during the consultation upon request

  • 1L Normal Saline Mixed
    Or 500ml Normal Saline
  • Infusion time: 30-60 minutes