Memberships run on a month-to-month basis and unused services always roll over. Cancellation requires two weeks’ notice before next month’s withdrawal. Any unused services will be available on your account for up to 30 days after your last expected billing date. Packages on IVs and Shots are available to members only. The month of your birthday, you will receive a complimentary birthday discount but it is not placed onto the account so you must come in within that month of your own accord.

Package 1

5% Off Purchase of 3 mixtures or Quick Shots

Package 2

10% Off Purchase of 6 mixtures or Quick Shots

Package 3

15% Off Purchase of 10 mixtures or Quick Shots

The date you sign up is the day that your account is charged every month and you receive your credits. All services roll over until cancellation, then clients have 30 days to use the remaining credits. There is no time contract, clients are set up on an automated month-to-month basis and a two-week cancellation is required. For more information, view the Membership Agreement.